Ways To Help

1. Please pray for the people on the streets, and the kids that are “Aging Out” of the system.
2. Please give to support “New Family Tree” ministry. My hope is that 1000 people would be willing to give as much as they possibly can to help this cause. You can donate online by clicking here.  You can give by sending your check to: Shelter Church – 1541 John Glenn Rd.  Dayton, OH 45410 memo – 30 Days Homeless.  Your donation no matter the amount can help save and transform lives.
3. Please get the word out – invite your friends and family to this blog, to our facebook site and follow me on twitter. Several of my friends are participating in a “no shave” January as a reminder of the cause and a way to talk about it in everyday life.

Thanks for supporting this ministry. Together we are changing the world.

  1. Lori Thomas says:

    Thank you for each blog entry, video and picture. You truly are giving us a glimpse of homelessness that we would not otherwise be able to see. Many kids will “age out” of the foster care system in our county this year…some even today! We MUST not let them become homeless, too!

  2. Regina says:

    I was raised in the ohio foster care system,,, I ran away and got married 3 days after I turned 18 ,, I was lucky ,, I pray for all the kids in the system today,,

  3. Catlin Price says:

    I saw my first homeless person when I was 5, I was in Washington DC. We had just gotten food at a stand and I turned around and saw this woman digging through a garbage can. I looked at my mother and asked “Mommy, what is that person doing!?” She said “she’s looking for food sweetie.” I was horrified, before then I didn’t even know that there were people without homes or family, ppl who had to scavenge through garbage for food. Tears welled up in my eyes and I begged my mother to let me give her my sandwich because “Mommy, I’m not as hungry as she is, she can have it.” That moment made an impact on me that lasted a lifetime. Even now when I tell this story tears well up in me, I can remember the sadness that weighed upon my heart so vividly.

    Helping the needy and ministering to them has since been a passion of mine, I don’t believe it would have been had God not revealed this lesson in my heart on that day with that woman. Since then I have been close to homeless twice, my husband was laid off for 9 months and we are still trying to recover from this devastation and still know people who are currently going through it. I wish I had money to give you but you have my prayers and I put my Amen on all the prayers you have said for these people so far. I will do my best to set aside a good amount I can give to support you in this.

    God Bless,

  4. I enterd foster care at age 6(st.francis home for boys)and at age 18 when i aged out i was homeless and was railroaded for a crime i didnt commit. the state gave me 12 years to 20..Ive did time with a lot of guys i was in the foster care system with that have the same story..if your homeless without family and a crime is committed the havenots are the scapegoat..no one in detroit has had the guts to do anything for the have nots..Ive leaned on my faith 37 years and faith is strong so my works are strong…since getting out of prison ive been to college as a polictical science major,ive started a business Stackers Moving and Hauling and the people i employ are recovering addicts or friends from the system..i salute you for your works pastor and i will be praying for your family as well as your church family…be blessed and love thy neighbor..peace

  5. chris says:

    i have been a foster parent for 8 1/2 years. specializeing in teenagers, i have been experienced in kids turning 18 and their options. while i could go on and on about how the system is broken i don’t believe that this is even close to being the biggest problem. and foster children turning 18 have as many or more options than biological children turning 18. i have a heart to help people and kids, but for a long term solution they must be willing to help themselves. if you want to help kids long term, be willing to open your home to a foster child and prevent the homeless situation before it begins.

  6. Tabatha Brewer says:

    I lived in several different nasty neighborhoods in dayton ohio an at one point on the street as well an was pregnant so i got to meet alot of homeless people. Now im married an when i can i travel to dayton an try to find some of my homeless friends. Ive stopped them to give them money, ive went in the goodwills an got them clean dry warm clothes an if i come down the exit ramp an see someone sitting there asking for help i stop an give what i can. These people are human just like we are an they cant helped that they arent as fortunate as some others. So until you have been there please never judge anyone an if u have a dollar help someone out. Good things will come back to you. God bless all of you.

  7. Paula says:

    We are having a free community meal on Saturday from 4:30 to 6:30 with continuous service. We would love to serve you a meal and would be even happier if you would bring your friends with you. Our Urban Ministry outreach is one of the core programs here at South Park Church, and we would love to help! We are located at 140 Stonemill Rd. Dayton, 45409, at the corner of Stonemill and Brown St. in the University of Dayton District. Our church houses the East Dayton Food Pantry and also clothes those in need out of our thrift shop. It is a great place to refer the homeless for coats, shoes, pants, warm tops. There is someone available to help with that on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 2. God bless you!!!

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