The Synergy Network

30 Days Homeless is sponsored by The Synergy Network

The Synergy Network is a group of churches that are sharing together in ministry and partnering together in God’s mission.

Synergy Network Churches:

Franklin Church of the Nazarene

Living Hope Church

Shelter Church

LifeSpring Church

Norwood Church of the Nazarene

Trenton Church of the Nazarene

Fairway Knolls Church of the Nazarene

Wilmington Church of the Nazarene

Riverside Campus of Xenia Church of the Nazarene

The Synergy Network – sharing in ministry & partnering in mission
Our Mission:

  1. to change the world through a network of churches that partner and collaborate together in personal, local, and global missional projects that build the Kingdom of God
  2. to change the world through supporting, mentoring, and encouraging churches that desire to restart as missional churches.

Our Values:

  • Reproducing:The Synergy Network is all about reproducingleaders, artists, small groups, teams and churches in order tofuel a movement of reproducing ministry.
  • Relationships: Churches in the Synergy Network are all aboutrelationships.  People connecting together to move beyond thewalls of our church buildings to be the church in our communities.
  • Resources: One of the benefits of being apart of the SynergyNetwork is the opportunity to share in the collective knowledgeand experience of all the pastors in our networks.  From creativemedia to training and leadership our resources help  our churchescommunicate the gospel in new relevant ways.
  • Resolutions: Churches that are apart of the Synergy Network share the four core values of being REAL, TRANSFORMED CONNECTED AND POURED OUT.
  1. Nick Soranno says:

    a friend of mine referred me to your site. I will keep following and your mission and put it in my prayers.
    Please help me understand the difference between a panhandler and the homeless. I always see the same group of panhandlers at sporting events asking for money. I will offer to pray with them on occasion only to be shued off or told the Holy Spirit won’t help me.
    I do want to help but am looking to find a way to find those who will humbly receive the prayer of His Holy Spirit first. Your description of how the Church received and greeted you on the second was amazing.

    • Nick,

      Thank you for tuning in… I am no expert; however I am learning the ropes quickly. Last night we gave food. Rarely will I ever give money. In Dayton you have to literally register and be licensed to become a pan handler. Met a lady last night who was taking a turn on the ramp and associating with another who was. She was quiet and guarded with any info. Have not broken into this yet. I will tell you it is amazing all the ones who are downtown… Something else I have found in handing out food last night was how much these people want to be valued… My attitude toward them has changed. Your discernment is probably correct, in that more times than not, they do not want a job or food as much as they want the money… For habits that keep them in their plight. Hopefully, I will have more answers to your question . Your question has also been mine… Whenever I am going to give, I am going to do it sharing love, prayer, and by making a meaningful touch. Lord bless you, my friend.


    • Nick, one more thing… It has been easier to offer prayer after we gave them something to eat… -Ryan

  2. Amy Bennett says:


    I’m going to share your ministry with my friends at work and hopefully get some blankets, etc. for you to give to people. When I do I’ll let you know and meet up with you downtown to drop them off.


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