No Shave January

One way to support Ryan and the 30 Days Homeless ministry is to participate in “No Shave January”. Take a month and not shave. Every time someone asks about it, let them know that you are supporting Ryan and the cause.

Challenge your friends to participate in this as well.

Take some pictures of you and your friends unshaven and email to – and they will get posted on the blog for all to see. At the end of the month, Ryan will have an opportunity to see all those that were with him unshaven. We will make sure to get some good pictures of Ryan with his beard too.

Thanks for supporting Ryan and the Cause during 30 Days Homeless.

  1. Dave Kirkland says:

    Is the no shave for women and men? LOL
    Very interesting and will be watching and praying.
    God bless.
    Dave and Dorie

  2. I’m going to follow Paul D.’s example and get started a month early on this…I haven’t grown my “winter beard” yet.

  3. dan justice says:

    I will present the challenge to my men and we will join you.

  4. Christian Williams says:

    I’m with Paul and Brannon on this. I’m starting now!

  5. John Ent says:

    Im sorry that i just learned about this today! But better late than never. You can count me in. I will be glad to explain the reason I haven’t shaven. Thank you for what you are doing. I believe that we all should experience something like that. Then all might have a better perspective of the life that we are all just moments away from living if we don’t do what it is that our creator has planned for us

    • Ted Herold says:

      Iam growing my beard the logest that I have ever had it before…. I will try and keep it until March to keep the awarness going. My wife and daughters have/are doing “No shave legs” for the cause!!!!

  6. LB Jones says:

    I am with you Ryan.

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