About Me

Ryan S. Riddell Has a heart for ministry and serves as the Lead Pastor at the Shelter Community Church of the Nazarene.


Ryan Riddell is also a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty.


  1. michelle conklin says:

    Bless you, bless you, bless you Pastor Ryan!!!! My family is a part of New Family Tree and we are just elated,astonished and blessed that you are taking up this cause to raise awarness to the youth aging out of the system!!!

    We will be praying for and supporting you along the way.

    God Bless You,
    Troy & Michelle Conklin

  2. Ryan, I think this is one of the most courageous things I have heard of in a long time. I respect you tremendously for your efforts. I have grown to know you over the last few years and consider you family, your like the big brother I lost 2 1/2 years ago and I love like a brother. I will be supporting you and praying for you throughout your journey. I have been amongst the people that live on the street and know how rough it can be at times. If I can help you or your ministry, please don’t hesitate to call on me.

    God bless you, Jon

  3. Terri Harrell says:

    Ryan, you blow me away! This is by far the most amazing thing I have ever heard of a “religious” person doing. You know what I mean when I say that. If you remember I lived in a tent when I was pregnant with Elliott and although it wasn’t winter, it sucked. I respect what you are doing for the “least of these” and I know God will use this sacrifice to shine a light on His lost children. The example you are setting for your children cannot even be measured. I’m sure it will play out in their lifetime.

  4. doug smith says:

    amazing idea! excited to hear some news from the streets of Dayton! stay strong Ry

  5. LITA ROSS says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I am praying for you as you go on this adventure to minister to those that are less fortunate. You are an amazing Godly man. May God BLess you more and more as you continue on your journey serving Him. You also have an amazing wife and family supporting you.

    Love In Christ,
    Lita Ross

  6. Don McNally says:

    Run on my FRIEND!!!

  7. Mike Redwine says:


    I am inspired and touched by your journey and I log on each night to learn more. Thank you for allowing Christ to work through you. Your “Goal #2” was for your own spirtitual renewal and renewal for those who follow…I am one who has been positively and eternally impacted. I am praying that God will continue to bless your efforts.

    Mike Redwine

  8. Lonnie says:

    Please contact me… I am a Producer and interested in covering your story for television.

  9. […] and personal way: by living a winter month on the streets of his home city.  As he writes on his 30 Days Homeless website, his purpose is […]

  10. Brian Dye says:


    I saw the story in the NCN News. Your obedience experience will create waves throughout the Kingdom…some boats will be smashed against the shore, others will be refreshed by the living water that comes over them. Continue on my faith-full friend. He is God of your city and mine. Greater things are yet to come! Many orphaned will come to know the love of their Heavenly Father because of your posture of surrender.

    Blessings and Peace upon you, my brother in Christ.

    Brian Dye
    MVNU ’90

  11. Ray Johnson says:

    I’m under Louie Johnson @ Gateway

  12. Cathy & Aaron Pence says:

    We wish you well and pray that you are safe during your endeavor. Knowing that God is always revealing himself, we pray that you are receptive of his revealing power! You will definitely learn more compassion by placing yourself in this situation. We are a married couple that just recently moved to Denver, Co to do the same thing. We live in a van and are in the very center of a heavily populated homeless community. God has been so great and has taught us so much. So far, we’ve been here for about 2 months and plan to continue until God tells us otherwise:) We sympathize and our prayers are definitely with you!

    “To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly. Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world.” (1 Corinthians 4:11-13)

  13. Paul Duncan aka doc says:

    I am so blessed to know you. What you are doing is truly remarkable. You are proving the point to many that Christian love, compassion and kindness are action words. You are “walking the walk”. That journey will be trying, uncomfortable and even dangerous at times. But I have faith in you because I have faith in Jesus Christ. I, and many others, will be praying for you.
    God Bless,

  14. A real homeless person says:

    I admire what you’re doing, but do you really know what it’s like to be homeless? For you, you know in 30 days you return to your life of a home and church. For you, there is a home waiting for you. It’s all over for you when your project is done, and you have the comfort of knowing where you go when your “trial” is over with.

    For the ones who don’t have that blessing, we are out here not knowing when our “project” is over. We don’t know how we’ll stay warm and believe me, it’s cold out. We don’t know where to get good meals from. Christians look down on you like you are some kind of sinner who is reaping what you must have sown. Want to know what our pastor told us, right before he kicked us out of his life? He said we are lazy, and that my husband is worse than an infidel because he can’t provide for me. Lazy? We have spent two years in a business that required very hard work. We look for work when our business dried up. We work on other business ideas because no one is hiring us right now. Christians are why we stay away from churches. They kick people when they are down. They don’t build you up. They look at you like an untouchable sinner.

    Let me explain something that you will probably never understand because you get to go back to your home when you’re finished making your news and video and blog and being in a roomy van. Go after the church and tell your people to stop kicking people around.

    I don’t know where my next meal will come from. I don’t know where we will get money for gas for a car that isn’t even ours. It’s cramped. We are cold. We are hungry, but we don’t get to end our project and go home.

    We can’t even get driver’s licenses in the state we moved to to find work. We can’t return home to our state because we have no way of getting back.

    Who hurts us the most? God’s people. They shame us. They ridicule us. They are cruel. Yet, my husband and I tithed, but God did not open His storehouse for us. We are still praising Him even though we don’t know why this is happening.

    We, like you, want to help the homeless if we ever get out of this mess, and for the past several years, we have been planning a homeless program; but we had no idea we were going to go through it ourselves.

    You want to know what’s sad? I would rather seek out shelter in the parking lot of Walmart or in some remote place rather than seeking it among Christians because Christians tear each other down.

    • You are right no matter how hard I try I will never understand how difficult it must be for you. Know that you will be in all of our prayers… As a matter of fact let me pray now:

      Lord, be with my friends touch them, encourage them. Restore all they have lost. Give them truth and help them find a church that cares, one that will point them towards you. May your spirit of grace and truth be received. In Jesus name.


      Hey, thank you for following. Pray that all of us through this small demonstration help us to better understand your situation.


  15. A real homeless person says:

    Thank you. I will pray for you. My husband and I were sitting out in the parking lot of McDonald’s. He went in to use the bathroom but we couldn’t afford to get anything, and we didn’t have enough gas to go anywhere. It’s hard to not be angry but we are trying to keep each other in check to praise God and not curse Him or be angry.

    We sat there in the parking lot for a while listening to KLOVE radio. They were being very encouraging by something I’ve never heard of. They had their own “headline stories” of common people who never make the news.

    Shortly after that, they mentioned you. I was angry at you for your project. Angry because you don’t know what it’s like and you are exposing people in their deepest dark part of their lives. It’s humiliating to be out here, and it’s even worse when you have family around that shuns you and shames you because they think you are doing this to yourself.

    I looked up your blog, and instead of being angry, I find myself wanting to follow your journey because I can learn from you. I can learn what you are learning, and my husband and I can work on our plans better. I also am following you because it gives me hope and something to do to pass the time away.

    I don’t know where we will be tonight, but today, we have the library to stay warm and work on plans and look for a job. I’ll keep up with your journey because I need to.

    I would never allow anyone into my shelter though, because I wouldn’t want to be exposed like what you are doing to people. It’s humiliating.

    • Steve says:

      I saw your plight on the 30 days homeless sight that Ryan is spearheading. You are right, we are absolutely clueless to what you are going through. I am just making it on the pay that I have. But – I do have a roof over my head and food to eat. I praise God for that, but I also pray the same for you, and MORE. I prayed for you today that God would indeed restore what the locust have eaten, and give you a great job and decent place to live, and good food to eat. If you will, you might post the general area you reside, and maybe someone from that area can help you. (Don’t be too specific, for your personal protection)

      In behalf of the self-righteous ignorant Christians, please forgive us. People cannot relate to something they have never experienced. At one point or another every human has walked past another, thinking they were superior. We are all (Christian or not) hypocrites to one extent or another. Jesus came to open our eyes and ears, both to the Father, and to the human condition. We are all a ‘work in progress’ till we die.

      Father, give us compassion, and help us to help those in need, but ignore. Help us to see that no matter our current condition, we can still minister to others : : if nothing else, with Your love and compassion. Amen.

    • cathy & aaron pence says:

      Homeless to Homeless: You are beautifully and wonderfully made! God chose you. He knows you inside and out and he molded you into the person you are today. Take rest and refuge in him and trust me the blessings will come. Its never what, when, or how we expect them but God knows better than we know ourselves. Stay encouraged. Be a light in this dark world. God Bless you and your family.

  16. LITA ROSS says:



  17. Wow, what a blessing to us all for the path you are taking to show God’s love and shed some light on the struggles that homeless go through. I looked at your WordPress website and love what you are doing. We are all Nazzies here at UpperRoom. UpperRoom is a technology company in San Antonio, TX that specializes in Church and Ministry Technology. Contact me if there is any thing we can do to help your online presence so more people can hear about this.



  18. B Wilson says:

    This how people get holy! Is by getting our hands dirty.
    ‘Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work. ‘
    Mother Teresa
    Read about Father Damien of Molokia ; He lived his life with the leper colony on Molokia.
    May God open our hearts to our brothers.

  19. Rick McClain says:

    Praying for you, Ryan. You do not know me, personally. I am deaf, and serve as VP of Academic Affairs for Deaf Online University, Hoover, AL. I worked with College Church of the Nazarene (with the Deaf) and MNU (with the Baseball program). Praying for you during this journey.

    I am interested to see how your spiritual life is changed throughout this journey!

    Rev. Rick McClain, D.Min.
    Deaf Online University

  20. michelle haff says:

    I am wondering if this is Ryan Ridell from West Carrollton First Church, related to Donna Ridell? Either way what you are doing is awesome and I will pray for your success in getting out the message. Bless you. Bea Jones daughter

  21. Denny Stoddard says:

    Prayin for you often,you are a huge influence,keep going cause you sound like you are enjoying the streets now, peace denny

  22. Cryssi Bettendorf-Collett says:

    Mr. Riddell!! When I met you 13 years ago, I knew you were an absolutely amazing man… You and Beth were always such an influence on me, and always made sure to go out of your way to check on me, give me a hug, and make sure I knew the word of Christ.
    Now you’re doing things that most people would never do, and you’re doing them to make sure that you can help others & reach them to give them the love of Jesus 🙂
    You are truly a role model for all of us, and you show us what a follower of Christ is…
    I’m speechless when I watch your videos, and I will keep you in my prayers day in and day out.
    God Bless Ryan!

  23. Scott Brewer says:

    Is this the same Ryan I went to Carlisle schools with??

  24. Greg Hurst says:

    Ryan I don’t know you by name but I know you by heart. You are truly an inspiration living as the hands and feet of Jesus. The journey you chose will undoubtedly change your life and countless others! Thank You for the self-sacrifice to endure the pain,suffering and ridicule it takes to carry out this mission. I saw your video about the man not accepting a new way of life and believe me I feel your disappointment. I am a recovering alcoholic-addict, by the Grace of God, and I have some experience with stubborness based entirely on fear. Until my pain overrode the fear, I chose to stay in the hell that I had learned to accept. Today Jesus has opened up the gates of hell and I walk a free man! I would give anything to help people lose the fear of change. That is why I decided to write you, because I can feel Jesus working through you to diminish the fear on both sides (the haves and have nots). People are hearing the voice of those who normally would not be heard and those who are used to being heard are now listening a lot more. I praise God for your willingness as a disciple to help bring adout a change in this world. God Bless you Ryan, I am looking forward to meeting you someday. Your family and travels are in my prayers, take care, your brother in Christ Greg Hurst.

  25. Moug says:

    I am speechless. If you are indicative of even one small remnant of the Nazarene Church you are to be commended. I grew up in that oppressive regime where the only things they were concerned about were avoiding movies and polyester. I am sure you are aware that the machine that is the Nazarene heirarchy is probably watching you quite closely so that in your compassion and desire to be Christ to others, you don’t deviate from their tiny brand. Peace to you in your work. Don’t be afraid to forsake the denomination to save yourself and help others be saved. You are in my prayers daily.

  26. Linda says:

    You are in the final week of this journey. I believe an incredible week is ahead of you. Your mission has reached far and people are noticing. My prayer is that people get into action instead of “just” noticing. My prayers are with you friend! God Bless!

  27. Charlene Gabbard says:

    Your journey has been incredible and I know will not end at the 30 day mark. This should be an inspiration that one person CAN make a difference! Proud to be even remotely associated with you! Prayers and thoughts to all!

  28. karen ward says:

    hi ryan, thank you for your awesome desire to help bring awareness to this problem. i also try to help in my small way. i have been organizing a program thru job and family services for almost 10 years now to make sure every child in our local foster care program gets a 4ft tall stocking filled with lots of gifts and cards of love and encouragement for christmas. this year we filled close to 100, to help these foster kids have a nice holiday and for them to know that someone is thinking of them and supporting them! i can only hope after they turn 18 they can get help like your program, its not their fault they ended up where they are and they deserve our love and support. thank you, you are brave

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