Pics with Rex

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Pictures

Rex with new specs

Rex with new carharts

Rex at Bob Evan’s

  1. dorothy colwell says:

    Good Deeds to all !

  2. molly says:

    What JOY to see how quickly you precious men came to Rex’s aid! Marty and I were THRILLED to see these pics… thank you for posting! It’s going to be awesome to see all that continues to unfold from your selfless response to Christ on this journey.

    Marty and I are ready and willing to meet needs, just need the avenue to get things to the people in need.

    Blessings & continued prayer ~ Molly & Marty

  3. Amanda says:

    Amazing!!God is GOOD!

  4. Nicole Meagley says:

    It is soooo AWESOME to see people come together and help others out. Rex looks good and happy. Thank god for all he has done!!!!! Thank you Ryan for all you have done. It’s amazing!!!! God bless you!!!!!

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