Video Blog – Henry’s Story

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Video Blog
  1. molly says:

    Being the hands and feet of Christ is what you are doing, Ryan. Seeing past the “what” and the “why” regarding “how” these kids/folks became homeless. Being noticed, cared about, and regarded is what I see them wanting when viewing the video posts of the people you are coming in contact with.

    Hope you are okay – prayers are with you every day, Ryan!!!

  2. Becky Brown says:

    Amazing ministry that you are doing Ryan! May God bless those you are with and you as you continue to walk this path.

  3. Becky Moody says:

    I met Henry at Shelter & can not get him out of my mind he is quiet and soft spoken. I heard him ask if we have any size 11.5 boots in the piles of clothing … We r looking for some. Lord – please bless this young man.

  4. Terry Melton says:

    Ryan, I am so touched by you, your ministry, and Henry’s story! What a blessing you are to all these young people, as well as the other homeless in our community. Has Henry gotten a pair of boots yet? I would like to help! Keeping you and all those you are serving close in thoughts and prayers. Thank you for making me more aware of these issues! May God bless us,everyone!!

  5. Rebecca Rebilas says:

    Ryan what you are doing is amazing. I heard about this through your wife and Gwen and I am praying for you. I have always had a heavy weight on my heart for children in the foster care system. We have filled out paperwork to get this started too. We are excited to add to our family. It broke my heart to hear at a conference that most children that are fostered, when they turn 18 the families turn them out too. Adoption/Fostering should be forever! Just like your own child.

    I’m praying for the impact to take over people’s hearts and help this situation! So blessed to have this in my life! Thank you and praise the Lord for moving you to do this and draw out awareness!

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