Video Blog – Day 17

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Video Blog
  1. molly says:

    Ryan, will continue to be praying for you, Melissa, Rex, and all the people you are touching through Christ and your selfless action.

    Listening to you on this post reminded me that our culture/society is moving so fast, and wanting constant “instant gratification”, yet we have people in our city building tiny shacks in the woods. The contrast is alarming.

    Marty and I want to help. We can donate clothes/food/whatever. Tell me what you need.

    Praying you will recover from this cold… stride onward, and be well in every way.

    Praying daily for you and all the people involved. ~ Molly (and Marty, too)

  2. Denny Stoddard says:

    just watched the blog,,Rex is really cool the way he bulit his hut is sweet,,I watcted the prosses all summer. Also my friend DSM is meeting this Monday at Apex church for a night of prayer on our team kids the city you,,,PLEASE COME JOIN US…love you man. peace Denny

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