Video Blog – Day 15

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Video Blog
  1. Troy Archer says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Man, brotha! Keep those praises comin’…first, about those aged out teens..I hear ya…as a H.S. teacher, they can be hard to reach..(and mine are the ones WITH homes). But at the end of the day, they just want to be heard. I have heard so many silly stories from teens that don’t mean much in the end, but they want to be heard and I believe that is why God has blessed me with a good rapport with my students. So you are hearin them out and showing you care.

    Praise God on the report about the midst of her loss, she still accepted Christ and God gets the glory and she gets a personal relationship with her Creator.
    God is really just pouring out His blessings on all this because His name is being lifted up in the midst of the cause…

    Finally, bro, say a little prayer for this song I am workin’s slow going, but God is giving more little by little…I am headed to Dayton with Jen this Saturday. I’m gonna try to hook up with Danny to get the tune to go with it. I have it for the chorus and bridge, now I need the verses…but it’s comin and God gets the glory and the homeless get the awareness!! Much love from the Archer Fam in Z-ville!!

  2. molly says:

    Wow! The Bible was sent that quick! Love it!

    Also, Ryan, the fact that all those kids went to Chuch says so much ~ God is getting through and shining through your efforts.

    Ryan, be encouraged! I’m not out there experiencing what you are, but from the outside peering into your website and viewing it all as it unfolds… well, Christ is opening doors through you. Think this is bigger than we could have imagined.
    HOPE! Blessed Assurance.
    Praying daily! Molly & Marty

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