Ryan’s Sketchbook – Steeples

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Sketchbook

  1. Judy Lacey says:

    All those steeples are nice but are those churches helping with the homeless??

    • That is the point… The steeple was originally an indication for
      hurting dying lost people to know where to go for refuge. People
      could look up and see miles away a place where they could go to find
      help. Now, I look and question… Are they serving their original
      intent or are they monuments of pride?

      Each one is uniquely different with incredible detail and skilled
      craftsmanship. The money spent on these structures had to be
      exorbitant. When I see them it just makes me wonder if they were
      designed with the original intent in mind.

      Are we any different? We build these multimillion dollar structures.
      Thousands of square feet, incredible lighting and sound systems, and
      comfortable areas for social events and family life centers. Yet, are
      we really using them for those experiencing such plight or are we
      building these structures to serve ourselves?

      Your point is well received. I welcome it… To answer your
      question, some of these steeples are serving the poor very well. Two
      in particular, could not do a better job. It has been encouraging to
      me to see how they serve with such grace and love.

      Peace & Blessing,


  2. great thing you are doing Ryan. you are a great blessing to these kids and people. i am blessed to be a part of shelter church and to be a friend of yours and your family. thanks for all you are doing and had done in everyones lifes….GOD BLESS YOU…….

  3. Molly says:

    Agree totally with your comment regarding the steeples.

    Side note: This series of sketches should be made into notecards and sold (in Church bookstores, etc.) and the profits could go toward New Family Tree Ministires.

    I love this sketch and what it represents. You captured it artistically as well as in your thoughts in this post!

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