Video Blog – Day 14

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Video Blog
  1. Suz says:

    I found your story a few days ago and I wanted to say how great is that you are giving this the awareness it needs. My family and I have been homeless but fortunately we had friends who let us stay with them until we got on our feet. We spent a few nights in a tent at a local park and then moved in with member of the church until we were able to get our own place. I’ve also seen how hard it can be to pull your life together when so many things are pulling you down. People always say there are resources to help people, but they all take time. You have to have a phone number and address to receive most of what they offer. Then there’s looking for a job. How are you supposed to apply for a job when you haven’t showered in days? What contact number do you leave them to call. It’s a never ending battle.
    I’m thankful that you are letting people see the real side of life. I’m sure even though you thought you knew what these people went through seeing it up close has given it real meaning. Thank you and God bless you and everyone you are reaching.

  2. Shawna Snyder says:

    I think that this so awesome that you are doing this, after all if you have never walked a mile in their shoes then you can not really understand what they have been threw. Where I live here in Northern California, Chico there is a pretty big homeless population. You would not believe how many are as young as 12 and 13. It is an issue that truly needs addressed and done so as not to isolate them but to raise them up.

  3. The Grays says:

    May The Lord bless your work. Ryan, praying for you and Homeless, Familyless (is that a word?) Youth everyday. Stay positive, In Christ Jesus The Grays

  4. Joni says:

    I totally agree that trying to work through the system of agencies both private and public is completely frustrating, and it’ll definitely take much longer than a week. But with persistence it can work. I definitely wouldn’t be too quick to discount the work that these agencies and groups do. There are SO MANY homeless people and SO FEW agencies that they can’t keep up with the backlog of cases and the waiting lists are long. The key is keeping the people in need of services accountable to being persistent about waiting. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve advocated for people to be on waiting lists and due to the nature of homelessness and people not understanding “delayed gratification”, two weeks pass, their name comes up for help, and they either refuse to go (touting some attitude as if they shouldn’t have had to wait) or they’ve disappeared. The system is broken FOR SURE, but it’s what we’ve got and if we’ll work together to make it better it’ll get better. If we’ll be patient and work with agencies to make more room available, we’ll definitely see people getting help.

  5. I have just finished watching your video blog. I have to tell you, it made me want to cry! It also validated that I wasn’t crazy as I thought! My family and I spent weeks at a hotel, calling, meeting with and applying to dozens and dozens of agencies. Sadly you are right how frustrating it is and how often there is no help! I will be praying with all my heart! Do not become too frustrated, it will eat you up! I know all to well! May I suggest something, you maybe tried it all ready, in some areas the United Way has a progarm for homeless folks, it’s sometimes called Rapid rehousing. I wil NOT guarantee anything. We found housing before they could help us. They did pay for a utility once we were in the house. When you speak to thses agencies, don’t take NO, ask them for agencies that help that are not advertised. You will not believe what they won’t tell you! The funding for those hidden agencies isn’t often too much, but more available. another suggestion, if you go to a soup kitchen, clothes closet or such, ask them what agency numbers they have for agencies. They will have some of the same, but often they will have some that are different! Praying!!

  6. Shirley Kelver says:

    Ryan I know exactally what u r talking about I have gone thru somuch and still doing so to get help for Ruth everytime we think we are done something changes and they cut her off and we have to start all over again I really feel that they think if it is 2 hard u will give up and of course a lot have and thats why they r on the streets. Love what u r doing it takes a lot but u r learning about what our Jesus went thru the system finally killed Him. You will reap great rewards for you your fam and our Chruch for this I know that beause u r doing what He has asked u to do God Bless and keep u. THis has been a long month.

  7. Denny Stoddard says:

    It is sad to know just how many people really don’t care. That is why folks give up.Praise God there are guys like you and the church. Peace Denny

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