Video Blog – Day 9

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Video Blog
  1. Hugh Moody says:

    Ryan, your journey is touching lots of us and we pray for your strength and persistence in touching many of those forgotten …. Our prayers are with you and those who you touch.

  2. Cynda Kindle says:

    We’re praying for you Ryan. We love you and Beth and the boys!

  3. Doug Norton says:


    We at Salem are praying for you and those you are ministering to on this journey.

  4. Joel Barnett says:

    Hi Ryan!
    You are awesome. You continue to be an inspiration to me! Blessings! We are praying for you.

  5. Cittie Myers says:

    Hey Ryan;

    You are inspiring in your honesty and your perseverance with this mission that has touched your heart. I worry for you in this weather and the situation that you have placed yourself in but I trust God to see you through it and help you keep strong. Not sure if you are reading these while out there, but if you have a cooler…well, put your solution in it. If you don’t have ice in it, it won’t make the solution warm but the insulation should keep it from freezing…for a while anyway…

    Take care


  6. michelle conklin says:

    Ryan, I am so moved by your honesty and real emotion through this journey.

    After seeing this I can’t help but think how if you, as a man w/a home, family, job & life to go home to, is experiencing these true raw emotions (nervous, scared, sad, stressed). how must a 18 year old young adult that has just been aged out of foster care and is facing where they will live next must be feeling and coping? Most probably would just want to give up on life.

    Thank you for raising this awareness that there is many young adults who go homeless after they age out of foster care. But, that doesn’t have to be there only future any more. Because of your awareness and New Family Tree’s ministry of transitional housing for them and being able to teach them life skills and mentoring they have a promising future. Not a future of homelessness and desperation just to survive each day.
    Thank you for your sacrifice and for bringing this into so many peoples hearts and minds.
    God (and good) things are happening!!
    Praise you.
    Michelle Conlklin

  7. Cindy says:

    Today I heard a little of your story, then heard your voice. I heard you say
    “they have a NAME and they have a SOUL”….I stopped what I was doing at work and tears began to flow…..those words have followed me the rest of the day.
    I work in a not so safe area of town in TN…I often over the past several years been approached
    by homeless people some good experiences, some not. I have slowly avoided them and stopped making eye contact…it’s less difficult if you stop feeling like you have to do something to help.
    Through you today the Lord has softened my heart….you reminded me they have a NAME an they have a SOUL…..Jesus was homeless too…………

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