Video Blog – Day 6/7 Review

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Video Blog
  1. A real homeless person says:

    I knew I would learn something from you. I never thought about the laundromat as a resource. (read: bathroom)

  2. A real homeless person says:

    I just want to say something about hotels… we were given an anonymous donation for a hotel for 4 nights, and then 1 more night in another. That was a little over $300. Here’s the thing…if God doesn’t open a door for work, for whatever reason, a hotel hurts the finances.

    People with a kind heart got us 5 nights in a hotel, but what would have helped more is to have 30 days at a campground here that has shelter for us. We use their showers when we have money. It costs each of us $4 to shower, but we long to be in the room they have @ $300 /mo rather than 5 nights in a fancy hotel, only to end up in the car again.

    I have to fight anger every night, but hoping the next day will bring an end. People wonder how can someone like me end up like this, but I can’t make God hire us some place. I can’t make Him give us our company back, that was doing so well then suddenly dried up.

    Maybe there is an RV park someplace there that you can get more time for a shelter than a hotel offers. RV parks have bathhouses.

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