Ryan’s Sketchbook – Under the Overpass

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Sketchbook

  1. Susan Smallwood Herold says:

    Hello Ryan,

    Your mother asked me to give you tips. I think what you are doing is drawing from the heart. In art as in life it is not always about perfection but about the experience and how it is expressed. The experience you are having is about the darkness that people are living in. It is about hunger and giving-up and feeling desperately alone. There is nothing pretty about any of this. From an artistic stand-point your drawing is very interesting. One reason is that not all your lines are going in the same direction so you are leading the viewers eye around the page and they see the whole picture. Art for some of us is a spiritual experience. Because you are doing the drawings along with the other adds to the dimension and depth of your search. Tony and I both wish you a safe journey.

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