More people turning to local homeless shelters

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Awareness
Tonight I was reading in the
Dayton Daily News-
More people turning to local homeless shelters

Tue Dec. 7, 10:59PM

DAYTON — One of the city’s primary homeless shelters has seen a 30 percent increase in usage as people run out of resources and options after the deep recession and the nation’s slow recovery from it.

Through November, the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s two shelters have housed 120,533 people, compared with 93,473 through the first 11 months of 2009, said Lisa Glandon, director of development and marketing.

The increase results from “combined impact of what’s going in the economy with job losses and foreclosures and the continued lack of affordable housing,” Glandon said.

Joyce Probst MacAlpine, manager of the Montgomery County’s Housing and Homeless Solutions, said, “With this many years into the recession, people have used up all their resources. We are seeing people who have used up everything, their savings and their support of their family and friends.”

Monday night, St. Vincent housed 409 total people in its two shelters — The St. Vincent de Paul Gateway for Women and Families, 120 W. Apple St., and The Gettysburg Gateway for Men, 1921 S. Gettysburg Ave.

In November the shelters housed an average of 405 people. The two shelters can house up to 458 people. If demand exceeds capacity, the extra people are housed in motels, Glandon said.

“We are far over our budget for shelter operations for 2010, but the community has been responding with financial and in-kind donations to pay for our increase costs for food, utilities and security,” Glandon said.

Officials for other local shelters did not return phone calls Tuesday.


I met with Lisa.  Shared with her what I planned on doing.  She was very supportive, and told me of the need for local churches to help them with whatever is needed.  Obviously, the ongoing financial needs are of concern, as well as, volunteers to help serve at different times cleaning facilities, doing laundry, or other areas…  Please call St. vincent, ask for Lisa, and tell her you heard from the 30 day homeless guy that they needed help.



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